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Unichip Plug & Play- Subaru WRX, 02-05, 2.0L

Price: $620.00
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Item Number: 1520011
How It Works The Unichip module is installed electronically between your vehicles ECU and engine. It is pre-programmed with a pair of tuning maps that have been developed on a dynamometer with your make and model of vehicle. The A map is more conservative with slightly less ignition timing. B map is more aggressive featuring more ignition timing. Because vehicles and ambient conditions vary greatly, the A map is designed to work in virtually all applications without triggering engine-warning codes. The B map may make more power in your vehicle, or depending upon conditions, may trigger a check engine light and actually reduce power. Its simply trial and error to test which program your vehicle can tolerate.

Typical Results Regardless of which tuning Map you select, the Unichip program extracts 100% of your engines potential power across the entire power band. A 2004 stock Tundra gained 1.7hp at 3500rpm not too impressive. However, at 4000rpm it gained 16.4hp and 21.5 lb.ft. of torque very impressive! Then the gains level off until 6000rpm where it jumps by 12.8hp. Whats happening is the Unichip is using its super accurate fuel and timing corrections to maximize power. Where the factory ECU is pretty close to ideal the Unichip provides a modest 2-4hp increase. Where the factory Map is less than optimal, Unichip shows huge double digit power increases. What you feel when you drive a Unichiped vehicle is an overall impression of better response and more power.

Easy Installation Another feature youll like about Unichip is the simple Plug n Play ease of installation. The Unichip module comes with a vehicle-specific wiring harness with O.E. style connectors. Even if you have never made a modification to a vehicle you can install a Unichip. It is no more challenging than hooking up a DVD player to your TV. Unichips step-by-step instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Additional Features The Unichip wiring harness has several switches that allow you to take advantage of the Unichips versatility. Theres a switch for the A/B Maps, an ECU Power switch that can be used to clear Check Engine Lights, a Normal/Boost switch that allows you to upgrade to a turbo or supercharger, and a boost plug to connect to the forced induction module on a supercharged or turbocharged vehicle. (If your vehicle is normally aspirated [non-supercharged] the boost plug has been shrink warped into the harness. The A/B Map switch and ECU Power switch can be hard wired into the drivers compartment for easy access inside the vehicle or allowed to remain on the harness for underhood access only.

The Unichip Warranty Unichip has been selling its power modules (small solid-state computers with multiple high-speed processors) to satisfied customers for more than 10 years. Unichip has passed the test of time with millions of street miles and the rigors of competition on the racetrack. They are so confident of the Unichips technology they warrant that no other ECU enhancement produces more power from your gasoline engine than the Unichip in an equitable test. They also warranty the Unichip with a 2-year limited warranty against manufacturer defect for all Unichip parts.

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