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Laser Toe Angle Tool Gauge

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Laser Toe Angle Gauge II for Wheel Alignment

Portable Front Wheel Alignment for Automobiles, Trucks, Tractor Trailers,
Buses, Stretch Limousines,Mobile Service Companies and Heavy Equipment

High Speed Wheel Alignment- Portable - Simple to Operate - Extremely Universal - Highly Accurate and Repeatable. Ten times more accurate then any wheel alignment specs.


Do you do front end repairs and send your alignments to another shop?
Then add up your out of pocket cost to them, the labor to send the cars there and labor to pick the cars up. Result...... your losing money.

Do you own your own alignment machine and want get more business for it?
Do you own a Fast-lube?
Do you own mobile auto repair service?
Would you like to get some of that truck business?
Would you like to increase your revenue?

Feel free to call us with any questions. No high pressure sales. We just want to educate you.

High School Educator ?

The Laser Toe and Pro Smart Camber was recently accepted as wheel alignment requirement for NATEF certification. For people in education with tight budgets this sytem is a perfect alternative to the high priced wheel alignment systems like John Bean and Hunter. We have sold many systems to Training Centers, high schools, colleges and universities.


Advanced Racing Technologies race proven portable Laser Toe Angle Gauge II, now sold in over 50 countries, has been used by garages, major car manufacturers, tire manufactures, truck garages, heavy equipmet garages not to mention being rated #1 in motorsports. Most recent sale went to the US Government and also United Nations for use in Afghanistan.

One of our customers, a major car company, preformed toe angle testing of this gauge compared to the Hunter alignment system. They found it to be more accurate and more repeatable. John Bean and Bear wheel alignment will most likely fall into this category also. They and several other car companies now use our Laser Toe for daily inspections of new cars.

The Laser Toe II was designed specifically for solving the problem of measuring toe angles rapidly and with a high degree of accuracy. This laser gauge has the ability to measure (TOTAL) toe angle on front or rear suspension of ANY vehicle including automobiles, trucks, tractor-trailers and heavy equipment. It can be used in the shop, or even in a parking lot. After a simple calibration one person, in less than two minutes, can perform the procedure of taking a toe angle measurement. This makes it a very useful diagnostic tool for tire shops, body shops, garages, fast lube shops, and field service companies.

Toe angle measurements can be performed with accuracies of 1/60 of a degree or 4 thousands of an inch. Testing was done by one of our customers, a major car company, and proved that the Laser Toe II was more repeatable and more accurate than a well known full size alignment system. They now use it to do daily inspections.

The battery powered laser head incorporates the latest in solid state laser diode technology providing excellent laser beam uniformity. For the new millennium this gauge is now five times brighter. This fully portable laser system is made mostly of fully anodized aluminum, weighs less than twenty pounds and breaks down to fit in the optional, handmade, precision instrument case - not much larger than a rifle case. It comes with all hardware, instructions, and angle to fraction conversion charts.


Resolution - 1/60 of a degree / .004" on a 15" Wheel
Dial Indicator Read Out
Readings in less than two minutes
Level surface not required
Wheels from 5" - 28"
Battery powered
Optional carrying case

How To Operate:

The operation of the Laser Toe II wheel alignment is simple. It can take less than two minutes to get a toe reading. Place the laser section and mirror section, with its locating pins, against the front wheels. With the laser shooting under the vehicle, you simply make two adjustments to align the laser beam reflection from the mirror to a scribe line on the face of the laser. With this accomplished you read the dial indicator for your wheel alignment toe reading.

Combine the LT2 with the Pro Smart camber and you're in the two wheel alignment business for a fraction of the cost of a full scale alignment system.


Used by BMW and Ford to calibrate automated wheel alignment system and used at their test track.

Some of the current automotive users: BMW, Ford, Firestone Tire, John Deere Tractor, MEA Training Center, high schools, colleges and universities.

Here is a good place to buy a wheel alignment specification book.

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