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Green Filter

Bruces carries the complete line for Green Filter, Call (973) 664-0192 if you do not see here!

Green Filter USA is a product that in most cases outperforms our competitors filters by 18%-22%


Listed below are a few of the details that give Green Filter USA an advantage in Performance but still protecting your engine from harmful dirt particles.


 First the mesh screen that retains our material is stainless steel or coated steel and our competitors mostly use aluminum.  This makes the filter strong under intake pressure and holds up to many more cleanings


Also because of Green Filter’s weave pattern of the mesh we usually gain a .022 larger open space so if there is less in the way that should help pass more air.


The next key factor is most typical cotton filters use cotton gauze as their media for filtration.  This type of material has very inconsistent holes so they need to use a very heavy petroleum oil which can damage sensors and restrict air flow.  Green Filter USA material is woven cotton (like a shirt) which has more consistent smaller holes.  The big benefit to using this material is the holes are smaller and there are many more of them.  Because of these facts  we can use a very thin synthetic oil which cleans particles as small as 1 micron, when the benchmark for the industry is only 5 micron.


also Green Filter USA oil does not burn till 440 degrees which make our filter resist burning more than most competitors


Another major point in the manufacturing of Green Filters is our molding process.  We use a process of low pressure injection molding.  The benefit of this is it helps eliminate rubber bleed over on the filtration surface area.  We generally gain 8-12% increase in useable filtration surface area over or competition.


For these reasons I believe these filters are superior to other competitors!
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