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FilterMAG's powerful rare-earth magnets trap and hold wear-inducing metal particles smaller than 40-microns down to 1-micron that the filter cannot stop. The strong magnetic force holds FilterMAG to the oil filter for an easy 30-second installation. FilterMAG's can be used to diagnose engine problems and will extend oil life. They are also totally reusable and will last the lifetime of your vehicle.

RA Series
Racing, Heavy Duty Automotive, and Diesel Applications
The FilterMAG RA-Series provides extra power for the more demanding needs of large diesel trucks, racing, and heavy duty automotive applications.

SS Series
Light Duty Automotive, Light Truck, and Metric Motorcycles
The FilterMAG SS-Series is for light duty automotive, light truck, and imported motorcycle applications. One of the three models in the SS-Series will fit virtually any light duty vehicle or motorcycle.

MC Series
Motorcycles (Big Twins and Sport Bikes)
The FilterMAG MC-Series for motorcycles comes with a polished chrome or flat black facing to complement engine appearance.

TM Series
Automatic Transmissions and Differentials
The FilterMAG TM360 and TM180 are designed for automatic transmissions with steel fluid pans. The DM101 goes inside the differential housing. These extremely powerful magnets will prolong the life of your equipment.
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